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25 September 2008

Go Beyond Website Conversion: Nurturing Sales Ready Leads

Marketing Experiment's free web clinic yesterday A Proven "Playbook" For Growing More Leads, featuring author Brian Carroll, was a winner.

A departure from the typical web-centered optimization topic, as Flint McGlaughlin said in facilitating this clinic, in these tough times, it's not enough to optimize your website landing pages and get the lead, you have to see the lead through to the sale.

Brian shared with the audience a 5-step "Playbook" for qualifying, nurturing and converting the prospective lead into a "sales-ready" lead. As with all Marketing Experiment's clinics, there was a case study, data and excellent results.

By implementing the process and ensuring they effectively tracked and nurtured viable sales leads, the featured company (average sale $100,000) was able to achieve a 375% increase in sales-ready leads, a 200% growth in the lead-to-sale pipeline rate and $4.9 million in additional sales pipeline growth in 8 months.

Regardless if you're a small or large marketer or seller, if you're involved in long lead time selling or marketing, do watch for the posting of the clinic replay. To be promptly notified when it'll be posted, sign up the Marketing Experiments Journal and you'll be informed when the replay and presentation materials are posted in full in the Web Clinics section (as well as other future great free clinics).

June Li

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